Ursula Buns (Xerox) on diversity

Let’s Xerox: Ursula Burns at IESE

Men and women ARE different“, Ursula Burns, the CEO of Xerox recently told me at an IESE event in Barcelona, (and I had to ask, “Can I quote you on this?”. Her clear and direct answer was, “Please do!”). I couldn’t agree more. Men and women are different. Otherwise, why would we need to have diversity in organizations? Why would we need to strive for inclusion? Why would it be difficult to achieve these things?

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Commission on the Status of Women / Beijing+20

One of the conclusions of that conference was that the social, political and economic world was lacking female vision . That remains the case. Man and woman are two forms of being a person, meant to complement each other. Therefore, the advancement of women in these areas was and still is very important. It is what has been called “women’s empowerment.” But do not mistake: This process of “empowerment” cannot entail the masculinization of women

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Women Executives: Are we after quotas or business?

The lack of consensus in the European Council resulted in the rejection of the European directive that would have made it imperative to have 40% women in the non-executive boards of publicly traded companies. Commissioner Viviane Reding had spent over two years advocating this measure, which had already been approved by the European Parliament and the European Commission last year.

In addition to the obvious restrictions on free enterprise, some insisted that imposing measures leads to compliance (comply and lie) rather than convincingImposing underestimates and undermines the arguments of business needed to get to the root of the problem…

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