Networking and building an international peer group to support your throughout your career is paramount for women in leadership. I-WIL facilitates this by providing access to I-WIL NET and I-WIL groups. These offer a means of connecting women around the world.

I-WIL.NET is an online global platform that facilitates networking and business opportunities. It connects like-minded, driven women to share experiences and support one another. It also provides access to events as well as learning and development programs organized by I-WIL in conjunction with distinguished experts and alumni.

At present, there are more than 600 members in 14 countries.

Members of have access to:

    • Networking  a través de la plataforma on line.
    • I-WIL Lunch monthly conferences in Barcelona with prominent guest speakers and networking lunch
    • I-WIL Breakfast: trimestral breakfast conference in Madrid and Barcelona with leading professional women


I-WIL.NET Groups

I-WIL also offers groups for women starting their career path, looking to make the leap to senior director and for executive women already on boards.

I-WIL Women on Boards

I-WIL Executive Women

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