What is it?

This club provides a pathway for women directors who are seeking a position on a board.

Who can join?

  • Women directors or women who have the potential to become directors
  • Members of an executive committee
  • MBA, PDD, Women and Leadership Focus program alumnae
  • Women who have at least ten-years experience in their current position and have already been a director in one or more of the following areas: Department, family business, public administration, non-government organization or professional company
  • Entrepreneurs with over ten years experience


Two training programs per year dedicated to the needs of women executives. If you are unable to attend, we can arrange for virtual participation

  • Two exclusive cocktail events with advisors from multinational companies
  • Mentoring with senior executives who will give you the inside track on how to leverage your career to board level
  • Exchange information and connect with other executives in the club


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