IESE Family Responsible Employer Club

What is it?                          

IESE Family Responsible Employer(IFREI) Club is a forum for companies to promote flexible policies, leadership and culture.

This is part of the IESE Family–Responsible Employer Index project, which analyzes what happens when companies implement flexibility and work-family reconciliation policies. It also measures the effect on employees and the organization itself.

So far, over 90 UN ambassadors and 23 governments and administrations have participated. More than 241.000 families have benefited from the positive social impact of the project across 18 sectors.

Who can join? 

  • People management directors
  • Directors responsible for Corporate Family Responsibility
  • Board members responsible for Corporate Family Responsibility and people management


  • Access to the IFREI report providing a comparison of the company’s responses to other Corporate Family Responsibility (CFR) companies and to the main countries of the study
  • Forums and meetings held to share new research trends, experiences and best practices.
  • Annual Training workshop for those responsible for CFR and people management of the companies
  • Global network of peers and partners. Networking with other companies recognized for their commitment to the cause, with access to resources, best practices, forums and news

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