IESE Women in Leadership

Why the World Needs Women Leaders

Women have a total global income of 13 trillion US dollars. And it’s due to rise to 18 trillion in the next five years. They also make 80 percent of purchasing decisions. More women graduate from university than men – making up over half the workforce.  But none of this is reflected in the boardroom – where there are more CEOs with the name John than women CEOs.

IESE recognizes the potential women leaders have to engender social and economic change and supports them through the IESE Women in Leadership, I-WIL.

Business and society benefit when women are in top decision making positions. They have a proven track record of increasing productivity, sales and stock market performance of companies when on boards of directors. Developing these competencies in women leaders is key to opening the playing field.

The future generation of women leaders need mentoring and guidance from the onset to foster the competencies that will take them into the boardroom. IESE Women in Leadership pledges to facilitate the learning and development of women leaders throughout their career. Increasing the number of women leaders as role models and mentors will encourage more women to make the leap to senior management.

What is I-WIL?

IESE Women in Leadership, I-WIL, is an initiative that provides a global community for women leaders of all ages – and at all stages – of their career. It is more than just a networking platform. I-WIL researches the role of women in leadership and the positive impact they have on business and society. I-WIL shares their research findings with governments and organizations to boost women leaders in business.

Generating business by giving women leaders access to learning and development programs is core to I-WIL. IESE alumnae, distinguished business and world leaders participate in many of the events.

Professors, professionals and organizations dedicated to the advancement of women leaders across the globe form part of I-WIL.

Mission and Values

I-WIL advocates diversity in companies by increasing the number of women in leadership positions and on boards.

Fostering change in the mindset of global leaders, C-suite executives and engender better practice in organizations to advance women leaders is pivotal to I-WIL.

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