Women in boards

IESE Prepares Women to Take Their Place on Boards

The 6th IESE Women on Boards Focused program, gathers women already on boards with future generation women ready to take up the mantel of leadership. The first leg of the program held at IESE Madrid campus takes place February 29 – March 1. And the second part of the program takes place in Madrid April 3-4.

Women: Good for Business – and Boards

Women have a proven track record of increasing results and productivity when given their place at the table. But Women need to be prepared to enter the boardroom. This means acquiring the knowledge and building up the right competencies that board-level decisions and negotiations require.

The program also covers key issues that concern women on boards such as:

  • The board of director’s functions
  • The global economy’s impact on corporate governance
  • Accountancy and finance for directors on the board
  • Codes of governance and legal issues
  • Developing effective competencies for the boardroom
  • A business paradigm for the new socio-economic context

Case Method, Coaching and More

To achieve this, the program combines IESE case method, lectures, panels and group discussions. Distinguished guest speakers from across sectors share the inside track on what women can expect at senior executive level – the rewarding and the challenging.

From the on-set a personalized self-development program is designed for each participant. There are one-to-one coaching sessions at the start of the first, and end of the second, leg of the program.

In the month that lies between the two parts of the program, participants receive virtual coaching sessions with their mentor to keep them on the right track.

This new-found self-awareness, along with the insight gained from senior executives during the program equip our future generation of women directors on boards with the tools needed for their quest.

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